End Of A Era As We Surf Into 2020

End Of An Era As We Surf Into 2020

It’s been a big year for Surfboardbroker as every year has been since opening six years ago! As we are all just getting through Thanksgiving, we want to most of all, thank all of our wonderful followers and customers for all the support throughout the years!

Here’s a little update on what is going on lately with Surfboardbroker, coming into 2020 and beyond! First of all we are really happy with our expansion over the years with Surfboardbroker Australia, Surfboardbroker Florida and Surfboardbroker Costa Rica! All three branches have their own inventory pages on Instagram and continue to grow.
Every month since our existence, we’ve always given away a surfboard on Instagram! But this summer, we expanded the idea to giving away surf trips at five star resorts. This idea went amazingly well and we plan to do more of them in the near future! At the moment, this month, we are doing a Surfboard Giveaway with Kook Of The Day and Bionic Surfboards. See our profiles on Instagram For Details...

This is the time of year when all the Pros head to Hawaii for the Vans Triple Crown and so do we!
Every year we round up all the team boards and ship them over to the Carlsbad Shop to be cleaned, fixed, photographed and posted on our main Instagram Page @surfboardbroker !
All the Boards are One of a Kind boards for real waves and real surfing!! Every week we have new shipments of fresh boards coming into the shop from the North Shore to be posted along with the local inventory we normally get every week! 

We are also working on a new collaboration shirt with Legendary Surf Photographer, Steve Sherman that will be released by the beginning of the new year!

Wishing everyone happy holidays and aloha to the new year🤙🏽

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