4/20 Corona Daze/New Shop

So much has happened since last quarters blog, where do we start...

First and the foremost important piece of information and accomplishments for us this quarter and year was moving from the factory building by Palomar Airport to our new showroom location in Downtown Carlsbad Village at 2829 Roosevelt St.

Just a block from the beach, across the street from the post office and next to Don's Country Kitchen. We are really stoked on our new larger location next to the ocean and are looking forward to our grand opening along with all businesses once restrictions are lifted. We are now a lot closer and more accessible to everyone on the coast or coming from north/south on I-5.

Due to the virus situation we cancelled our yearly late season trip to the North Shore to collect inventory from the pros and shapers. Instead we invested in getting more local inventory from our shapers to help them during these slow times and to fill our new shop with fresh blades! We have endless New Boards coming into the shop daily that we are processing and uploading daily to the insty and website. We lowered shipping costs across the board to promote more shipping deals during this difficult time.

This quarter we have also been working on a whole range of #surfboardbroker Fins. Top of the line Fiberglass/Epoxy Construction Fins in the most popluar templets and in all sizes/plug types. These fins are all black, with equal quality and performce as fins on the market that cost twice as much. Like everything at surfboardbroker, it's the best for less!

We are looking forward to our lives and surfing to get back to normal so we can have our Grand Opening at our new location to kick off the summer. Stay safe and pray for surf!

Have a Happy4/20 !!

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