FCS Box Peregrine Tri Fin Set

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The Peregrine Thrusters are our version of the K2.1/WCT templates. We made some modifications to the outline to increase maneuverability, and improved foiling to create a higher performance setup.

Peregrine Falcons are the fastest animal on the planet. The Peregrine Thrusters mirror performance characteristics displayed by these magnificent creatures; SPEED and AGILITY. The template features relatively upright side fins which are ideal for surfing more vertically in the pocket as well as allowing for tighter, more acute directional changes.

We're releasing this thruster set with two center fin options. Option A (WCT/K2.1 style center) features a smaller, more drawn in template than the side fins yielding increased tail release. Option B is the same outline as the side fins, scaled down; also yielding a looser feel but with slightly more down the line speed. Pick up both and you have yourself two unique thruster setups.

The Peregrines are ideal for surfers who are interested in fast, progressive turns and the center fin options allow for experimentation depending on conditions and wave types. 

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